Santa chimenea

ou on the houstop

Santa Claus, Papá Noel o St. Nick. El gordito que todos hemos imganiado cómo lo hace para entrar por la chimenea.

Letra de la canción.

Up on the housetop, reindeer pause

Out jumps good old Santa Claus

Down through the chimney with lost of toys

All for the little Christmas joys.

🎼🎼 Ho ho ho

Who wouldn´t go?

Ho ho ho

Who wouldn´t go?

Up on the housetop

Click, click, click

Down through the chimney with old St. Nick 🎼🎼

First come the stockings in a row

Filled with goodies top to toe

Then to the tree old Santa springs

To place the presents that he brings


Everything delivered  from his sack

Santa has a cookie snack

Back to the reindeer and the sleigh

Into the night they fly away

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